Today the first parts for rebuild my qubical quad arrived and my vetical antenna is broken by orcan ,,Christian' now ,max speed was 191km/h ,a new record here at the northcoast,

Hurrey i said !!!!!!!!!!!Today the last parts for my new antenna arrived ,05.11.2013.


Here is the list:

                             cable for speaker 0,75^2 ca 2 x  12 m

                             8 spreader (fibre) 8mmx2000mm ( /gfk-staebe-


                             2 pipes 25mm x 1000mm

                                (for the boom)

                             8 angels 120mm x 55mm

                             8 pipes 250mm x10 mm

                             8 Wood parts 8mm x 50 mm

                             8 pipes 125mm x 10mm

                             1 profil 15mm x 15mm x 1000mm

                             8 hose clamp25-35 mm

                             16 hose clamp12-22 mm

                             1 doublecrossholder (




Tool you need


drilling machine

Screwdriver and ratchet

Saw pliers, tape measure, files

The mainthing for me was ,that i need less holes to drill as possible ,so i decided me to take hose clamps.

on that first fig. you see to montaged the 4 angels eatch side of the boom

take the 4 angels and put them so at the boom that u have it symmetric and close the clamps

on this fig. you see ,that i put the 15mm profil inside the boom ,half lengh and take 2 screws each side to hold it  together

Now you take the small pipes and montaged it at the angels, also by 2 hose clamps each side

That dowels 8mm x 50 mm ,that you put into the small pipes (see next pic)

Here the last step ,I make inside ,I 've take the least of 10mm pipe and cut it in 125mm parts,after that I drill a 3mm hole in everyone ,distance ca 10 mm,Its very important to remove bure at the hole ,because later will run the cable thrue!

So ,the mainwork is done ,now i hope for good weathercondition to bring it outside and fineshed

Now its time to go outside ,there i must install the spreaders into the small pipes and hang the exact lenght of cable on it and it should be finished

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!many thanks to my dear Jerry,WA6CDO  for that exactly calculation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





1. The driven element is made of sides each of which is 2770 mm, for a circumference of 11080 mm.  The
     feed point is in the center of the horizontal line.  That will give you horizontal polarization.  If you
     want vertical polarization you will put the feed point in the center of the vertical side .
     (Horizontal is recommended)

     The reflector element is placed 1725 mm behind the driven element.  It is 2928 mm on a
     side, for a circumference of 11712 mm.

2.   The feed point matching section uses what is know as a "transmission line
     transformer." To make that you attach a 707 mm length of RG8x 50 ohm coax to the
     feed point at the center of side one.  To the other end of that coax you attach a 262 mm
     length of 300 ohm twin-lead  ( like used to be used for TV antennas).  To the other end of
     that twin lead you attach the 50 ohm feed line, any length,  back to the transmitter.  The
     purpose of this is to transform the antenna impedance (141.4 ohms -j0.1212) down to the
     50 ohms needed at the feedline and transmitter.  This might look a bit more complicated
     than you are used to seeing, but it is quite easy to make, and results in an almost perfect
     match, yielding an SWR of 1.001 at the design frequency of 27.35 MHz. Note that the
     SWR is well below 2.0 across the band, making this antenna good for the entire band.

     That "perfect" match will be effected by the height of the antenna above ground, but at
     the design height of 1/2 wave -- 5.5 meters-- you should get the results I've given you.

3.  This would be a very respectable DX antenna!  Elevation plot is looking at the antenna

      from the side, so you can see that the maximum signal is being transmitted at about

      25 degrees above the horizon.

      Note that the gain is 11.16 dBi and front-to-back is 24 dBi,
      very good figures for a simple antenna!



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!many thanks to my dear Jerry,WA6CDO  for that exactly calculation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So finished today ,hurrey i said ,swr is 1:1,3 ,works fine


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