That's me

Hi I'm Heiner ,Operator of the german CB-radiostation,QRV in 27MHZ.


Since 1976 i'm standby and try to communicate round the world,

languages avalible in english ,german ,dutch and a little bit france,and if i finish that i'll learn lingala



If you have any questions contact me ,may you ask why should i invest in that way of communication,here the main reason for radio contacts:


1.this the cheapest way to contact lot of peoples round the world


2. this way works also ,if satelites and mobile telephone and all of them is disturb or damaged can have contact to persons ,other way you dont know


4. its very interesting


5. It's make a lot of fun 

Here i live,Locator JO43BM

a lovely place ,where other spend a lot of money to make holliday here

13Lima Radio 890 is from now on the new callsign

postal adress


13 Delta Kilo 890

Po box3303


D-26370 Wilhelmshaven